12th Japan Expo-Videos del WCS y ECG

Por fin estrenamos el canal de Youtube, ya se están subiendo los vídeos de la preliminar francesa del World Cosplay Summit 2011 y del European Cosplay Gathering 2011 y selección francesa 2012
 Recordad fotos disponibles, en Flickr que estrenamos cuenta pro

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  1. Cybèle dijo...:

    Hello! I'm a french cosplayer who posed with the spanish solo finalist: she was cosplaying Tomoe Mami on friday, and I was cosplaying Akemi Homura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica series. She told me to look at your blog to find the photo but I didn't manage to find it... Is it possible to get it, please?

  1. CDC dijo...:

    Sorry, I skip the weakness, but she has gone on his blog, here:

  1. Cybèle dijo...:

    Thank you very much! I'm going to watch her blog, looks very interesting. Thank you for Japan Expo photos too ;)

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